How to budget for appetizers.

Light appetizers: 1-2 hour event during a non meal time, looking to provide light snacks. Recommended budget $12-$15 per person.

Medium appetizers: 2-3 hour event, looking to provide light to some heavier snacks. Recommended budget $15-$18 per person.

Heavy appetizers: 3-4 hour event during a meal time, looking to provide heavy apps that some would count on for dinner. Recommended budget $18-$22 per person.


Our appetizer list is a perfect fit for cocktail hour or a bite to eat while preparing for dinner!
Cheesy Spinach Dip with Chips

Homemade classic that has you going back for more. $55.00 per pan

Fresh Meatballs

80 meatballs per pan.  A favorite among many and perfect as a game day choice. Choice of BBQ or marinara. $75.00 per pan

Chicken Tenders w/dip

40 tenders per pan served with; ranch, BBQ sauce, and honey mustard.  A great add on for kids or adults looking for something heavier during the event.  $90.00 per pan


BBQ Sliders

3.75 pounds of pork per pan, served with sliders buns and 2 types of BBQ sauce.  This unique offering is a great way to have BBQ flavors without BBQ mess. $110.00 per pan 

Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese Meatballs

75 per pan.  If you are a buffalo and blue cheese fan…these are legit $130.00 per pan 

Veggie Trays with Dips

Fresh vegetables sliced every monring and arranged for your event. Served with ranch and pesto caesar dip. $55.00 per tray.

Cheese and Cracker Tray

A nice staple for any party. Includes a variety of crackers including cubes of Swiss, Colby, Pepper Jack and Cheddar cheeses. $60.00 per tray.

Chips with Guacamole and Salsa

A simple classic add-on for any party. $40.00 per bowl. Want to take it up a notch? Ask us about adding our fan favorite queso!

Signature Charcuterie Display

This is a lovely handmade mix of the Following: (3) Basic Cheese: Soft, Medium, and Sharp Assortment of (3) Meats Assortment of Veggies, Fruit and Spreads. 

$200.00 per display

Buffalo Tortellini

Our signature dish and what helped make Nameless Catering famous. $55.00 per pan

Cheese Filled Toasted Ravioli

80 raviolis per pan, served with warm marinara sauce this option is especially popular with kids (or fun loving adults) $70.00 per pan (marinara on side)

Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

60 sprouts wrapped in bacon per pan.  The best way to eat a vegetable is when wrapped with bacon…am I right? $55.00 per pan

Buffalo Chicken Wings

60 Wings per pan, served with; ranch, blue cheese, and BBQ sauce. A party must have! $125.00 per pan.

Fruit Tray with Dips

An assortment of freshly cut fruit served with vanilla yogurt as a dip. $55.00 per tray.


We make every order of bruschetta from scratch using the freshest ingredients. Serviced with toatsted crostini. $60.00 per bowl.

Shrimp Cocktail

A crowd favorite that is served with extra spicy cocktail sauce. 100 shrimp per tray. $70.00 per bowl.

Chicken & Black Bean Corn Salsa Crostini

Our delicious black bean corn salsa combined with our pulled chicken served on toasted crostini. $55.00 per bowl.

Pita with Hummus

Creamy and rich dip that make it a smart choice for any gathering! $60.00 per tray.

Chicken Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce

40 skewers per pan. $80.00 per pan.

Vegan Sweet Chili Meatballs

80 meatballs per pan. $80.00 per pan.